Proceedings of the Conference on Nonlinear Coherent Structures in Physics and Biology,
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, July 95

M. V. Bartuccelli, S. A. Gourley
Ladder theorems and length scales in solutions of a generalized diffusion model

L.S. Brizhik, A.A. Eremko
Stationary soliton states obeying the two-component nonlinear Schrödinger equation

L.S. Brizhik, A.A. Eremko
Electromagnetic absorption by molecular solitons

R.K. Bullough, J.T. Timonen
Quantum pendulums

R.K. Bullough, P.J. Caudrey
Solitons and the Korteweg-de Vries Equation: integrable systems 1834-1995

P.A. Clarkson, E.L. Mansfield
Symmetry reductions and exact solutions of shallow water wave equations

L. Cruzeiro-Hansson
The Davydov soliton: lessons from dimers and N-mers.

V.Z. Enolskii, D.V. Leykin
On the multiply periodic Schrödinger operators

M. H. Farahi
Global Control of a Nonlinear Wave Equation

S. Flach
Existence and Properties Of Discrete Breathers

A.S. Fokas
Asymptotic Integrability Of Water Waves

A.P. Fordy, M.N. Ozer
A New Integrable Reduction of the Matrix NLS Equation

J Gibbons, S P Tsarev
Reductions of the Benney equations

A.C. Hicks, A.K. Common and M.I. Sobhy
Rational Approximation Methods for Large Amplitude Solitary Waves on Nonlinear Electrical Lattices.

R. Huß, F.G. Mertens and Y. Gaididei
Combined envelope-envelope solitons on square lattices

Bose-gas with nontrivial interparticle interaction and exotic magnetic solitons.

B. Malomed, Michael Weinstein
Variational Approach to Soliton Dynamics in The Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

M. Mañas
The Dirac equation and the Davey-Stewartson I equation: deformation of the dromion solutions

V. Marinakis, T.C. Bountis
On the Integrability of a New Class of Water Wave Equations

P. Marquié, J.M. Bilbault, S. Dos Santos and B. Michaux
Modulational instability in discrete systems

D. Bonart, A. P. Mayer and U. Schröder
Intrinsic Localized Anharmonic Modes at Surfaces and Edges

L Naftalin, M. Mattey
The Transmission Of Acoustic Energy From Air to The Receptor And Transducer in The Cochlea

E.J. Parkes
Solitary Ion-acoustic Waves in a Plasma With Negative Ions and Non-isothermal Electrons

C. Etrich, U. Peschel, F. Lederer and B. Malomed
Collision of Solitary Waves in Media With a Second-order Nonlinearity

A. Pickering
The singular manifold method: a fresh approach

T. Peschel and F. Lederer
Two-Dimensional Solitary Waves in Arrays of Nonlinear Waveguides

B. Trpisova
Solitons in microtubules

T.J. Priestley, P.A. Clarkson
On a Shallow Water Wave System

K.Ø. Rasmussen, Yu.B. Gaididei, P.L. Christiansen and S.F. Mingaleev
Non-local Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

F.M. Russell
Evidence for Energetic Anharmonic Lattice Excitations and Practical Applications

M. Salerno
The Hubbard Model on a Complete Graph: Exact Analytical Results.

A. M. Samsonov
How to predict, generate and observe strain solitons in solids

A. Scott, A. Petraglia
Flux interactions on stacked Josephson junctions

I. Skinner
Coupled coherent nonlinear optical systems

J.A. Zagrodziñski
Multiperiodic Processes in Functional Equations

A.V. Zolotaryuk, A.V. Savin and E.N. Economou
Nonlinear Proton Dynamics in Hydrogen-Bonded Networks

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