Proceedings of the Conference on Nonlinear Coherent Structures in Physics and Biology,
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, July 95

Multiperiodic Processes in Functional Equations

J.A. Zagrodziñski

Institute of Physics,
Polish Acad. of Sciences,
02-668 Warsaw, Poland


Applying the formalism of dispersion equations there are discussed the solutions of functional equations having a close affinity with KdV and sG equations. There are considered functional and semifunctional (system of ode's) variants. Standard features typical for soliton type pde's appear in these cases also and particularly the multisoliton, multiphase quasi-periodic solutions and also solutions in form of solitons on periodic background exist.

Besides of a cognitive significance, the existence of soliton type solutions of functional equations is important also from an applicative point of view, since it makes a better approximation of numerical schemes for pde's.

Conference paper.


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