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Statistics Departments in UK and Irish Universities

This page aims to list all university departments of Statistics and related subjects in the UK and Ireland, including Actuarial Mathematics and Operational Research.

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Aberdeen: Medical Statistics
Aberdeen-Robert Gordon: Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Aberystwyth: Mathematics and Physics
Bangor: Mathematics
Bath: Mathematical Sciences
Belfast - Queen's: Statistical Science and OR
Birmingham: Mathematics
Bradford: Informatics
Brighton: Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Bristol: Statistics Group
Brunel: Mathematics and Statistics
Cambridge: Statistical Laboratory
" " " " " " : Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Cardiff: Mathematics
City: Actuarial Science and Insurance
Cork: Statistics
De Montfort: Medical Statistics
Dublin-City Univ: Mathematical Sciences
Dublin-Trin Coll: Statistics
Dublin-Univ Coll: Statistics and Actuarial Science
Dundee: Mathematics
Dundee-Abertay: Business
Durham: Mathematical Sciences
East Anglia: Mathematics
Edinburgh: Mathematics and Statistics
Essex: Mathematics
Exeter: Mathematical Sciences
Galway: Mathematics
Glasgow: Statistics
Glasgow Caledonian: Mathematics
Greenwich: Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Heriot-Watt: Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics
Hertfordshire: Statistical Services and Consultancy
Hull: Mathematics
Keele: Computing and Mathematics
Kent: Statistics
Lancaster: Statistics
Leeds: Statistics
Leicester: Mathematics and Computer Science
Limerick: Mathematics and Statistics
Liverpool: Statistics and Probability
Liverpool-John Moores: Computing and Mathematical Sciences
London-Birkbeck: Mathematics and Statistics
London-Imperial: Statistics
London-LSE: Statistics
London-LSHTM: Departments
London-Metropolitan: Computing, Communications Technology and Mathematics
London-QMUL: Statistics
London-RHUL: Mathematics
London-UCL: Statistical Science
Loughborough: Mathematical Sciences
Manchester: Mathematics
Manchester-UMIST: Mathematics
Maynooth: Mathematics
Middlesex: Economics and Statistics
Napier: Mathematics and Statistics
Newcastle: Mathematics and Statistics
Northumbria: Informatics
Nottingham: Mathematical Sciences
Nottingham Trent: Computing and Technology
" " " " " " " : RSS Centre for Statistical Education
Open: Statistics
Oxford: Statistics
Oxford-Brookes: Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Paisley: Engineering and Science
Plymouth: Mathematics and Statistics
Portsmouth: Mathematics
Reading: Applied Statistics
St.Andrews: Mathematics and Statistics
Salford: Centre for OM, MS and Statistics
Sheffield: Probability and Statistics
Sheffield Hallam: Statistics
Southampton: Mathematics
" " " " " " " : Social Statistics
Strathclyde: Statistics and Modelling Science
Sunderland: Computing, Engineering and Technology
Surrey: Mathematics
Sussex: Mathematical Sciences
Swansea: Statistics and Actuarial Studies
Ulster: Computing and Mathematics
Warwick: Statistics
West of England: Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Westminster: University Of Westminster, London
York: Mathematics

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