Workshop on Physics and Geometry of three-dimensional Quantum Gravity

The workshop will bring together physicists and mathematicians active in different lines of research related to three-dimensional quantum gravity. It will take place 29 June- 5 July 2003 at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh. The ICMS is located at 14 India Street, Edinburgh, the birth place of James Clerk Maxwell. Its beautiful location, compact size and informal atmosphere offers the perfect environment for promoting interaction and exchange of ideas. Due to the limited number of places, participation is by invitation only.

Organisers: Bernd Schroers (Heriot-Watt), Justin Roberts (UCSD), John Barrett (Nottingham).

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group of the IOP


These will include

Particular attention will be paid to Lorentzian geometry and groups.

The scientific programme: timetable of talks


Registration Buffet : 18.30 to 21.00 on Sunday 29 June, in the Nelson Room, St Leonard's Hall, Pollock Halls, 18 Holyrood Park Road, see map

Workshop Dinner : 19.30 on Tuesday 1 July in "Kalpna", 2-3, St. Patricks Square, see map

Participants (picture 1 picture 2 )

G Arcioni (Utrecht), S Baseilhac (Pisa), R Benedetti (Pisa), E Buffenoir (Montpellier), M Carfora (Pavia), S Carlip (Davis), R Damion (Nottingham), A Dasgupta (MPI Golm), L Freidel (Perimeter Institute), J M Garcia-Islas (Nottingham), J Gegenberg (New Brunswick), S Hansen (Edinburgh), D Johnston (Heriot-Watt), Z Kadar (Utrecht), M Karadi (Cambridge), R Kashaev (Geneva), K Krasnov (MPI Golm), E Livine (Marseille), J Louko (Nottingham), M Mackaay (Algarve), J Martins (Nottingham), A Marzuoli (Pavia), H-J Matschull (Mainz), C Meusburger (Heriot-Watt), H Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology), J Murakami (Waseda), J Nelson (Turin) , K Noui (Montpellier), D Oriti (Cambridge), H Pfeiffer (Perimeter Institute), R Picken (Porto), Ph Roche (Montpellier), S Sawin (Fairfield), D P Thurston (Harvard), P Turner (Heriot-Watt), S Willerton (Sheffield), R Williams (Cambridge), C Woodward (Rutgers), Y Yokota (Tokyo Metropolitan).

Practical Information

There is is no registration fee. If you would like to take part, please email Bernd Schroers ( Local accommodation costs approximately 30-60 GBP per night.

General information on how to get to the ICMS can be obtained here . If you plan to come by plane, you can fly directly to Edinburgh International Airport, but you may also want to consider Glasgow airport or Prestwick airport which are the destination of several low-cost airlines. There is a shuttle bus from Edinburgh International Airport to the city centre, which takes about 20 minutes and costs 3.50 GBP (5 GBP return); a taxi costs about 14 GBP. From Glasgow and Prestwick airport you can reach central Edinburgh by train and bus.

Train information can be obtained from Railtrack.

The ICMS is located in the Edinburgh New Town, a pleasant 15-20 minute walk from the main train station (Waverley station) and the airport bus stop on Princess Street. The following map shows both Waverley station (near the lower right hand corner) and the ICMS (in the red circle).

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