11th Workshop on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems

OAK, Kolymbari near Chania, Crete, Greece; 18-28 June, 1997

The 11th Workshop on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical 
Systems (NEEDS) will be held at the Orhodox Academy of Crete 
(OAK) in Kolymbari near Chania, Crete, Greece, from Wednesday 18 
June, 1997 (arrival day) to Saturday 28 June, 1997 (departure day). 
The previous 10 Workshops of this series have taken place in the same 
venue in Crete in 1980, 1983 and 1989; in Gallipoli (Italy) in 1985, 
1991 and 1993; in Balaruc-les-Bains (France) in 1987; in Dubna 
(Russia) in 1990 and 1992; in Los Alamos (USA) in 1994. Information 
on these 10 Workshops have been 
reported in: 1. Physica 2D, 545-548 (1981); 2. Physica 11D, 389-391 
(1984); 3. Physica 29D, 431-436 (1988); 4. Inverse Problems 3, 775-
779 (1987) and Nonlinear Evolutions, edited by J. J. P. Leon, World 
Scientific, 1988; 5. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical 
Systems, edited by S. Carillo and O. Ragnisco, Research Reports in 
Physics, Springer, 1990; 6. Inverse Problems 7, 167-173 (1991) and 
Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems, NEEDS '90, 
edited by V. G. Makhankov and O. K. Pashaev, Research Reports in 
Physics, Springer, 1991; 7. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and 
Dynamical Systems, edited by M. Boiti, L. Martina and F. Pempinelli, 
World Scientific, 1992; 8. Nonlinear Evolution Equations & Dynamical 
Systems, NEEDS '92, edited by V. Makhankov, I. Puzynin and O. 
Pashaev, World Scientific, 1993;9.two issues of Theor. Math. Phys. 
99,no 2,3, 495-802 (1994);  10. Nonlinear Evolution Equations & 
Dynamical Systems, NEEDS '94, edited by V. G. Makhankov, A. R. 
Bishop and D. D. Holm, World Scientific, 1995.

The Workshop will, as usual, be interdisciplinary in character, 
focussing on integrable, near integrable and non integrable dynamical 
systems (nonlinear ODEs, PDEs, integral equations, maps, automata, 
etc.), both on their theory and on applications in classical and quantum 
physics (condensed matter, fluids, plasmas, elementary particles, 
statistical mechanics, etc.) and in other fields (oceanography, 
biophysics, population dynamics, etc.). The methods discussed will 
range from pure mathematics and numerical computations to applicable 
theories and experiments.

The participants will be accomodated, in double occupancy rooms with 
private facilities, in the (recently much enlarged) premises of  OAK 
(located in a beautiful spot just by the sea), where all meals will also be 
taken. This arrangement will provide ample opportunities for personal 
interactions among the participants. The official program will occupy 5 
hours per day (0090-1030, 1045-1145; 1530-1700, 1715-1815: 
typically, 10 half-hour slots); hence we envisage altogether some 80 
presentations, with one day (probably Tuesday 24 June) devoted to an 
excursion (Samaria Gorges or Eraklion). The number of participants 
shall not exceed 100. Participation is open to qualified scientists who 
have worked on these topics; young researchers are welcome; 
admission will be on a first-come first-served basis. The cost of 
participation shall consist of a flat all-inclusive rate (of the order of  
US$ 700 [+ US$ 200 for single-occupancy rooms]; exact figures to be 
announced later), which shall include a registration fee of US$ 100 and 
will cover accomodation, meals, excursion, documentation (each 
participant will be asked to provide a short CV, to be distributed to all 
participants, so as to facilitate the identification of common interests). 
This flat rate might eventually be (partly or completely) waived for 
qualified participants who have no funds to support their participation, 
if the applications for financial support of the Workshop, now 
submitted to various funding agencies, will be successfull. Limited 
accomodations for accompanying persons will also be available (flat all 
inclusive rate: US$ 600).

--- To apply for participation (or for information), fax or e-mail to:
M. BRUSCHI, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Roma "La 
Sapienza", p. Aldo  Moro, I-00185 ROMA: fax: **39-6-4463158, E-
Mail:  (CC: 
--- and also please mail hard copy, to: 
F. Calogero, Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Roma "La 
Sapienza", p. Aldo  Moro, I-00185 ROMA as well as to: A. 
Verganelakis, Physics Department,Nuclear Research Center 
DEMOKRITOS, 15310 AGHIA PARASKEVI, Attikis (Greece),
 tel/fax: **30-1-6522647.

F. Calogero and A. Verganelakis

"This Workshop will be organized in accordance with the IUPAP 
principles as stated in the ICSU Document "Universality of Science" 
(6th edition, 1989) regarding the free circulation of scientists for 
international purposes. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be 
escluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, 
nationality, or political considerations."

Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical  Systems (NEEDS)

A Series of International Meetings: Brief Description

This Series of international  meetings began in 1980. The original 
motivation  was twofold:  (i) to take stock of, and contribute to,  the 
major development in theoretical and mathematical physics, in applied 
mathematics, in "pure" mathematics and in several applicative domains, 
associated with the discovery in the 70s of many (classical and quantal) 
integrable  systems and of various techniques for their solution (the 
"soliton" revolution); (ii) to foster exchanges among scientists from 
"the West" and "the East" (including, in the latter case, the former 
Soviet Union). The second goal appeared particularly topical, 
inasmuch as  the contributions to this research field by  scientists in the 
former Soviet Union were absolutely outstanding, yet many of those 
who had provided and were producing such contributions had 
enormous difficulties in making contact with their colleagues living 
elsewhere who were working in the same area -- and, of course, 
This Series of meetings was quite successfull in fulfilling both goals.  
(i) Through the 80s  and the 90s, when this field of science has 
continued to witness a major development -- possibly the most 
interesting and vital development  in theoretical and mathematical 
physics and applied mathematics of this half century  -- these 
international meetings have significantly fostered the flourishing of this 
research area. (ii)  The participation of scientists from the former 
Soviet Union, East Europe, China --  in addition to scientists from 
Western Europe, the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia,... -- has been 
substantial, already in the early years when traveling to "the West" was 
very difficult for many  scientists, especially from the former Soviet 
Union, who were not adequately attuned to "politically correct" views 
and behaviours; in several cases, the NEEDS meetings have provided 
the first opportunity for outstanding researchers from the former 
Soviet Union to travel abroad, beyond the Iron Curtain.

Both above statements are documented by the lists of outstanding 
participants  in these Series of meetings,  which can be gleaned -- 
together with an indication of the topics covered -- from the various 
reports  on these meetings quoted in the enclosed announcement  of  
NEEDS '97 (the  next meeting of this Series). A (very partial - yet 
sufficient to demonstrate the inclusion of most of the leading scholars 
in this area) List of past participants  includes the following (with 
apologies to the many not listed):  M. Ablowitz,  V. A. Andreev, N. 
Asano, M. Bartuccelli, D. Bessis, Yu. M. Berezanski, A. Bishop,  M. 
Boiti, Guo Boling, T. Bountis, M. Bruschi, R. Bullough,  F. Calogero,  
R. Camassa, D. Campbell, H. Capel, G. Casati, P. Caudrey, H. H. 
Chen, D. G. Chudnovsky, G. V. Chudnovsky, P. Clarkson, R. Conte,  
J. Corones, A. D. D. Craik, A. Degasperis,  H. de Vega, R. K. Dodd, 
A. Doliwa, I. Ya. Dorfman,  V. S. Dryuma, B. A. Dubrovin, J. Eilbeck, 
F. Estabrook, L. D. Faddeev, A. Fokas, A. Fordy, B. Fuchssteiner,  A. 
Galindo, V. S. Gerdjikov, B. Getmanov, J. Gibbon, J. Gibbons,  B. 
Grammatikos, J. Greene, P. G. Grinevich, A. M. Grundland, F. Guil 
Guerrero, G. M. Henkin, J. Hietarinta, D. Holm,  N. H. Ibragimov, A. 
R. Its,  M. Jimbo, D. Kaup, M. Kruskal, Y. Kodama,  B.  G. 
Konopelchenko,  K. Konno,  V. E. Korepin, I. Krichever, P. P. Kulish, 
A. Kundu, B. Kupershmidt,  E. A. Kuznetsov, M. Lakshmanan, D. R. 
Lebedev, J. Leon,  D. Levi, B. M. Levitan, A. N. Leznov, F. Magri, S. 
V. Manakov, V. G. Makhankov,  V. A. Marchenko,  L. Martinez 
Alonso, E. M. Maslov, V. P. Maslov, Y. Matsuno, V. B. Matveev,  D. 
McLaughlin, V. K. Melnikov, A. V. Mikhailov, T. Miwa,  H. Morris, 
A. Nachman, R. Newton, F. Nijhoff, J. Nimmo, S. P. Novikov,  Y. 
Nutku, M. A. Olshanetsky,  A. Yu. Orlov, A. Osborne, A. M. 
Perelomov,  F. Pempinelli, I. Percival, F. Pirani, A. Pogrebkov, M. C. 
Polivanov, G. Quispel, A. Ranada, O. Ragnisco, A. Ramani,  A. G. 
Reiman, C. Rogers,  P. Sabatier, P. Santini, M. Sato, J. Satsuma, M. 
V. Saveliev, H. Segur, M. A. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, A. B. Shabat,  
E. K. Sklyanin, Y. Smorodinski, V. V. Sokolov, S. Svinolupov, L. 
Takhtajan, A. P. Veselov, G.  Z. Tu, M. Wadati, H. Wahlquist,  P. 
Winternitz, S. Wojciechowski, T. I. Yamilov, Li Yishen, J. 
Zagrodinsky, V. E. Zakharov. Any of them could be consulted as a 
referee on the usefulness of these meetings. And there always were a 
substantial number of younger participants, from Western Europe 
(especially in the seven meetings held in Europe), from the USA 
(especially in the meeting held in Los Alamos)  and from Russia 
(especially in the two meetings held in Dubna).

It is now planned to re-launch this Series  of meetings,  going back
to the original  venue, also to take advantage of a new building there
which provides particularly convenient accomodation and meeting
facilities. The idea  is to convene a Workshop there every second
year:  the next one is planned for the summer of 1997 (see enclosed
announcement), the next one for the summer 1999.  It is expected that
these Workshops will follow the same pattern of the previous ones of
this Series, and will be similarly successful.