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Programme Fees

The full time overseas student fee for 2010/11 is £10,200.

The home and EU student fee for 2010/11 is £3,940.

Please see Registry web site for more details.


We can offer reduced fees through a School Scholarship, but we cannot pay living expenses. (Form here. Deadline End May.) This will be competitive so we would be looking for excellent qualifications. Other funding is also available for Scottish and EU students eg through SAAS.

  • The University maintains a list of funding possibilities here. This includes a USA-Scotland award, Cevinging awards etc

    Please scroll down to find other funding possibilities.

    SAAS Scheme

    The SAAS scheme offers postgraduate student allowances for study
    • Scottish residents covering of fees (and possibly some maintenance costs)
    • non-British European Union citizens covering fees
    SAAS award recipients will need to pay the difference between the actual fee rate and the SAAS funded fees from their own means.

    Eligible persons should apply to the following address

    for the SAAS guide to postgraduate student allowances to determine their eligibility, level of support and other relevant issues.

    We have been given a quota of awards for each of our PG diploma courses recognised by the PG student allowance scheme. After students have checked that they are eligible, they should contact us affirming that they are eligible and have an unconditional offer of a place on a postgraduate diploma course and ask to be considered for support. We will choose among eligible prospective PG diploma applicants whom to sponsor and inform them and the SAAS. Such persons will fill in the application form for postgraduate student allowances (SAS 7) obtainable at the SAAS web site and return the completed application form to the SAAS together with an unconditional offer letter from us of a place on one of the following postgraduate diploma courses:

    British applicants, not resident in Scotland or who have only been resident there primarily for the purposes of study, should apply to their home LEA for an application form and their guide to postgraduate student allowances, and then apply directly to their LEA supporting their application with our offer of a place on an approved postgraduate course.

    Career Development Loans for UK/EU students

    If you live or intend to train in the UK you can apply for a loan to improve your employment prospects. Details are available from banks or: Career Development Loans, Freepost, Newcastle upon Tyne NE85 1BR, tel: 0800 585505 (please see Career Development Loans).

    Scholarships for students from France

    The UK and French governments run the Entente Cordiale Scholarships. Please consult that web page for details of eligibility and how to apply.

    Scholarships for students from Germany

    There is information about British Chamber of Commerce grants for Germans to come to study in the UK. The deadline is in June.

    Scholarships for non-UK/EU students

    For students from China, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore, For students from Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, For students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Syria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Madagascar may want to consult

    For other students, please consult:

    For more details of any aspect of the MSc/Diploma Programme, please contact us.