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Entry Requirements: Mathematics, English

Programme Fees

The full time overseas student fee for 2010/11 is £10,200.

The home and EU student fee for 2010/11 is £3,940.

Please see Registry web site for more details.

What Undergraduate Degree ?

A good honours degree in mathematics, statistics or another numerate discipline is required. The material below covers the MINIMUM type of material you would be expected to be familiar with for PG study.
  • ODEs: existence, solution techniques
  • Linear algebra : solving Ax=b, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
  • Multivariable calculus: definitions, Green's Theorem, Divergence Theorem etc
Some undergraduate texts that cover the above material are
  • J. Robinson. "An Introduction to ODEs." Published by CUP.
  • S. Lipschutz. "Linear Algebra." Published by Schaum's Outline Series.
  • J. Stewart. "Multivariable Calculus". Published by Thomson.
If this material is not familiar to you -- consider taking an individually tailored Graduate Certificate, comprising key undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses.

Other undergraduate texts for background reading

  • R. Burden and J. Faires, "Numerical Anlaysis". Published by Thomson.
  • N. Britten. "Esential Mathematical Biology". Published by Springer.

For students who have not studied enough mathematics to gain direct entry to the MSc programme, we may be able to offer the opportunity to build up and enhance their general mathematical and statistical skills in the year for access to the specialist MSc in an individually tailored Graduate Certificate , comprising key undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses.

What English language qualification is required?

If your first language is not English (and your first degree was not taught in English) then you will have to take an English language test. If you have already taken such a test before you apply for a place then please include the certificate with your application form. Otherwise any offer of a place we make will be conditional on satisfactory completion of a suitable exam.

The standard entry requirement is one of the following:

  • TOEFL (OLD version) 550
  • TOEFL (NEW computerised version) 213
  • IELTS 6/6.5
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Grade C
(We may accept lower in some circumstances).

Other tests may be acceptible but you must contact the postgraduate office regarding this.

For students who have not reached the required level of proficiency in technical English, there are a variety of courses and exams offered by the English Section of the University. For more details of any aspect of the MSc/Diploma, please contact us.

For more details of any aspect of the MSc/Diploma Programme, please contact us.