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Advanced Numerical Studies in Nonlinear PDEs, Workshop, 18-21 January 2011


When computational issues related to partial differential equations are addressed it is typically from the applied mathematics perspective, and therefore in the setting of some intended application or future application. Rarely are the theoretical issues in PDEs themselves addressed using computational methodology. Given the vast increases in computing power being made available and the important role that such technology is playing in other sciences, it is natural to ask how high performance computing can be brought to bear in resolving fundamental questions about the structure, solvability, regularity, or asymptotic behavior of partial differential equations.

How much can be learned from numerics? It might be hard to build a rigorous proof around a computer simulation, but such simulations could provide insight or suggest directions for theoretical investigation. Of particular interest are no holds barred approaches which would involve really massive computational problems in order to provide such theoretical insight. The goal of this 4-day meeting, jointly organized by the Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software Centre and the Centre for Analysis and Nonlinear PDE, is to study problems at the interface of the two communities. This meeting will examine a variety of different problems in nonlinear partial differential equations for which numerical treatments and the use of high performance computers may lead to important new insight.

Nonlinear PDEs arising in Mathematical Biology: Cell Migration and Tissue Mechanics, 14th - 21st April 2010

Instructional Conference and Research Workshop organised by the CANPDE. Website:

Maxwell Institute Colloqium: Uniform Asymptotic Analysis, 10th December 2009

This meeting was held in the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, 14 India Street. Please see the colloqium website for details.

Analysis of Fluid Stability, 25th June - 3rd July 2009

An instructional conference on the "Analysis of Fluid Stability" was held in Edinburgh from 25th Jun-3rd July 2009. Consult the web page for details.

Nicolai Krylov, CANPDE Invited Lecture Series on Nonlinear PDEs, 14th May - 3th June 2009

            Thursday 14th May, 4.00 - 5.00pm
            Thursday 21st May, 4.00 - 5.00pm
            Tuesday 2nd June, 11.00 am - 12.00pm
            Wednesday 3rd June, 4.00 - 5.00pm

            Room 5215 JCMB
            School of Mathematics
            Edinburgh University, The King's Buildings
            EH9 3JZ

Prof Krylov delivered a series of lectures on nonlinear PDEs as a Distinguished Maxwell Visitor.

For more details contact Istvan Gyongy (

Black Holes in a Vacuum: Examples and Uniqueness Properties, 30th March - 4th April 2009

Alexandru Ionescu described some results regarding black holes as part of the LMS Invited Lectures Series 2009. Co-sponsored by the Centre for Analysis and PDEs. More details are on the event website.

These lectures described the mathematical theory in General Relativity of black holes and culminated in addressing a fundamental conjecture in this area; namely that the domain of outer communication of a regular, stationary, four dimensional, vacuum black hole is isometrically diffeomorphic to the domain of outer communication of a Kerr black hole. Research students were particularly encouraged to attend.

Mathematics of Climate and Weather Forecasting, 30th March - 3rd April 2009

Four Mini-Courses and nine invited lectures. Organised by Oxford University, the Maxwell Institute and the Met Office.

SPDEs: Computations and Applications, 29th September - 1st October 2008

This was a two and a half day meeting aimed at introducing SPDEs, their analysis, applications and numerics. It is aimed at people with no previous background in SPDEs or stochastics. Some financial support is available for interested researchers at all levels. Funded by the Maxwell Centre for Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs.

The ICMS website contains details of the conference.

Visit of Barbara Keyfitz, 3rd-5th September 2008

Barbara Keyfitz (Field's Institute, Toronto) visited and gave a seminar on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws - Past and Future.

A Workshop on Geometric Analysis, Elasticity and PDE, 23rd June - 27th June 2008

This major international workshop was held at Heriot-Watt University. The ICMS website contains details of the conference.

A Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, Thursdays from 17th April 2008

A postgraduate level course giving an introduction to classical methods which are still useful in today's research. The main aim of the course was to develop the method of layer potentials. Held at Edinburgh University, JCMB 6309, Thursdays 1-3pm. The course website provides more details.

Edinburgh International Science Festival, 5th April 2008

Why are we so good at predicting the weather? A talk by Mike Cullen of The Met Office at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Saturday 5 April 2008. Royal Museum of Scotland, 4pm.

This talk for the general public highlights why nonlinear PDEs are so important in weather-forecasting. View presentation here.