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Archive of Previous Activities: Crash Courses

This series of courses is organised by the Centre for Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Nonlinear PDE at Oxford University. Each course consists of 4-6 one-hour instructional lectures, on topics in Analysis related to Nonlinear PDE. They are mainly aimed at PhD students and young researchers, however registration is open to anyone interested in the area.

20th-21st May 2010

Prof Julio Rossi (Universidad de Alicante/Universidad de Buenos Aires)

`Tug-of-war games and partial differential equations'

11th-13th February 2010

Prof Yvan Martel (Laboratoire de Matemetiques de Versailles)

`Inelastic interaction or nearly equal solitons for the quartic gKdV equation'

Prof Francesco Maggi (Universita di Firenze)

`Equilibrium shapes for anistropic surface energies'

15th-16th October 2009

Prof Laszlo Szekelyhidi (Universitat Bonn)

`Convex integration for isometric immersions and the Euler equations'

12th-14th March 2009

Prof Nicolas Burq (Université Paris-Sud)

`Supercritical waves and Schrodinger equations'

Prof David Lannes (Ecole Normale Supérieure)

`High Frequency Nonlinear Optics: from the Nonlinear Schrodinger approximation to ultrashort pulses equations'