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The last year has been one of considerable change for the Department of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt. Two long-standing members of staff, Professor Robin Knops and Mr Jim Bree, retired during the year. Robin Knops has been at Heriot-Watt for 27 years, including periods as Head of Department, Dean of Science and Vice-Principal; we are pleased that he continues to be involved in the local mathematical community through ICMS and ICIAM99.

In 1998 we were pleased to honour one of our former colleagues, Professor John M Ball, FRS, who was given an honorary degree in the July graduation.

The department has also welcomed many new faces during the year, which started with the arrival of Professors Sergei Kuksin and Jonathan Sherratt, and Dr Robert Weston. During the summer, Drs Chris Boulter and Paul Turner were appointed, and joined us later in the year, and we look forward to the arrival of Drs Jan Kristensen and Andrew White, who have recently been appointed.

With these new appointments, our research activity continues to grow and broaden. An exciting development during the year was the award of a prestigious grade 1 to a Teaching Company project, lead by Dr Dugald Duncan and Professors Chris Eilbeck and Andrew Lacey, in collaboration with Edinburgh Petroleum Services, and follow-up projects are building on this success. Mathematical biology is growing within the department, and a Scottish Theoretical Biology Forum, part-led by Professor Jonathan Sherratt, was established during the year. Professor Cliff Beevers and the CALM group went from strength to strength, gaining a major contract in 1998 for the development of computer examinations for use in the Far East.

As in previous years, members of the Department made several invited lectures at international conferences.  Most notable of these was the invited address given by Professor Sergei Kuksin at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin.

In 1999, we look forward to a number of scientific meetings run by members of the department at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, and to the Fourth International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, coordinated by Professor Jack Carr and Dr Michael Levitin, which will bring several thousand mathematicians to Edinburgh.

J Howie, Head of Department

Staff    Visitors   Conferences   Invited Papers and Seminars   Service to Mathematical Community   Research & other Grants
Theses presented for Higher Degrees    Publications     Papers submitted for publication

Head of Department J Howie
Professors C E Beevers
K J Brown
J Carr
J C Eilbeck
R J Knops
S Kuksin
A A Lacey
J A Sherratt
Professor Emeritus O Penrose
Honorary Professor F M Russell
Readers  R N Hills
D A Johnston
K Khanin
B P Rynne
Senior Lecturers  D E R Clark
D B Duncan
G R McGuire
A R Prince
Lecturers C J Boulter
J Bree
B P Dodds
N D Gilbert
M Levitin
L E Nicholas
C Noble
H U Rahman
P R Turner
R A Weston
D G Wilkinson
M A Youngson
Temporary Lecturers R M Dunwell
A Lipowski
Research Fellow J L Marin
Research Associates  L Cruzeiro-Hansson
J C Dallon
D J Fiddes
L Notorantonio
D G Wild
Teaching Company Associate J Tracey
Computing Officers  M Foster
S Mowbray
Secretaries  I Fraser
P Hampton
S Meikle
F Paterson
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The following made long-term visits:

Bario R, Zaragoza 
Binczak S, Dijon 
Enolskii V Z, Kiev 
Metaftsis V, University of the Aegean 
Srisatkunarajah S, Jaffna 

In addition short-term visits were made and seminars given by the following:
Baesens, C, Cambridge University Handley-Schachler, S, Edinburgh Petroleum Services
Blank, Michael, Moscow Henkel, M, LPS, Nancy
Braden, H W, Edinburgh University Iserles, A, Cambridge University
Brindley, J, Leeds Kovalev, A, Edinburgh University
Buchstaber, V, Moscow Kropholler, P H, Queen Mary & Westfield College
Carstensen, C, Kiel Lewis, M A, University of Utah
Chaplain, M A J, Dundee Mikhailov, S, Leeds University
Chaves, M, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Nechaev, S, CNRS-Universite Paris XI & Landau Institute
Davie, S, Edinburgh University Pego, R, University of Maryland
Davies, B, King"s College Piatnitski, A, Moscow and Narvik
Ekeland, I, Université Paris-Dauphine Pohozhaev, S, Steklov Institute, Moscow
Enolskii, V, Kiev Pollicott, M, University of Manchester
Evans, D, Bristol University Richmond, N J, Leeds
Eynard, B, Durham University Silhavy, M, Prague
Friedman, A, University of Minnesota Skubachevskii, A L, Moscow
Funken, S, Kiel Slemrod, M, University of Wisconsin
Gaffney, E A, Oxford Suhov, Y, Cambridge University
Gilson, C, Glasgow University Ward, M, University of British Columbia
Gonzales, R, Madrid Weigel, M, Leipzig
Gordon, I G,  Edinburgh University Wilson, J S, Birmingham University
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Scottish Computational Mathematics Symposium, Strathclyde University, 21 September 1998   D B Duncan

NBDES Anniversary Meeting, 2 February 1998, University of Glasgow   D B Duncan

ICMS meeting on Algebraic Geometry, the "Baker" meeting, 19-22 September 1998 J C Eilbeck, with E Rees, Edinburgh and V Z Enolskii, Kiev

Workshop on "Computational and Geometric Aspects of Modern Algebra", Heriot-Watt University, 22 31 July 1998 N D Gilbert and J Howie; and M D Atkinson, S A Linton and E F Robertson, St Andrews

Scottish Algebra Day, 1 May 1998  J Howie with K A Brown, Glasgow and T H Lenagan, Edinburgh

Meeting to the mark the retirement of R J Knops, 11 September 1998, "Applied Analysis and Continuum Mechanics" - J C Eilbeck, J Howie, and A A Lacey

Workshop on "Chaos and Fractals in Medicine", 15 16 December 1998, University of Warwick J A Sherratt

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Professor C E Beevers Seminar, MATHWISE User Group, Nottingham University, January 1998 (with J Dorner, Napier University), "CAL Assessment by Computer"
Seminar, ICBL, Heriot-Watt University, January 1998 (with Dr D G Wild), "CALM view of assessment"
Seminar, Training day for mathematics examiners, Cambridge University, April 1998 (with Dr D G Wild), "Setting questions in a template"
Invited talk, "Teaching over the Web" workshop, Heriot-Watt University, June 1998 "Assessment in the SUMSMAN project"
Conference talk "SUMSMAN Training Day" (Video conference from Napier University), September 1998, "Assessment in the SUMSMAN project"
Contributed talk, "MATHWISE User Group First Annual Conference", Birmingham University, September 1998, "Using MATHWISE in a university course"
Contributed talk "Alt-C Annual Conference", Oxford University, September 1998. "Issues of partial credit in mathematical courseware"
Contributed talk, "Assessment Strand of TALISMAN Video Conference to Scottish Universities", October 1998, from Napier University studio, "The role of the computer in assessment"
Professor J Carr Seminar, University of Oxford, June 1998, "Coarsening"
Seminar, University of Glasgow, October 1998, "Asymptotics of nonlocal partial differential equations"
Lecture, International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, August 1998, "Lifshitz-Slyozov theory of coarsening"
Dr J C Dallon Seminar, Brigham Young University, April 1998, "Mathematical modelling in biology: wound healing and slime mould"
Invited talk, Workshop on "Pattern Formation and Morphogenesis: the Basic Process" (part of the IMA program on Mathematical Biology), Minnesota, 7-12 September 1998, "Streaming and spiral waves in slime mould"
Professor J C Eilbeck Seminar,  University of Swansea, March 1998, "Breathers in 1D and 2D lattices"
Conference talk, International workshop on "Transmission and Signal Processing in Nonlinear Electronics and Optics", Dijon, France, 8-10 June 1998, "Some studies of travelling waves on discrete systems"
Conference talk, Nonlinear Science Festival, 7-12 December 1998 Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, "Localized breathers on two-dimensional lattices"
Dr N D Gilbert Seminar, University of Leeds, November 1998, "Groups with braid presentations"
Professor J Howie Seminar, UMIST, February 1998, "Bestvina-Brady groups and the plus construction"
Seminar, University of St Andrews, February 1998, "Bestvina-Brady groups and the plus construction"
Seminar, Université de Provence, Marseille, September 1998 "Varietes de Seifert pour les noueds rubans de dimension superieures"
Seminar, Université de Provence, Marseille, September 1998, "Bestvina-Brady groups and the plus construction"
Seminar, University of Cambridge, November 1998. "Generalised triangle groups and the existence of free subgroups"
Invited talk "Groups in Galway", Galway, 21 23 May 1998, "Rigidity of one-relator groups with centre"
Dr D A Johnston Seminar: Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam, May 1998:, "Balls in boxes and quantum gravity"
University of Edinburgh, September 1998, "Quantum gravity as a load of balls"
Invited talk at "Quantum Geometry, Random Matrices, Statistical Models of Strings and Quantum Gravity", November 26-28, Copenhagen University
Dr K Khanin Series of 3 talks in the Series "Seminars on Problem of Turbulence", Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities, March 1998, "Random Burgers equations and turbulence"
Seminar, University of Sussex, May 1998, "Rigidity in one-dimensional dynamics"
Seminar, EPFL, Lausanne, June 1998, "Rigidity in one-dimensional dynamics"
Seminar, Queen Mary and Westfield College, December 1998, "Dynamical systems and random Burgers equation"
Invited talk, European Conference on "Probabilistic Methods in Non-Hyperbolic Dynamics,  University of Warwick, 30 April 4 May 1998, "Simultaneous Diophantine approximations"
Invited talk, International Workshop on "Dynamical Systems", Trieste, 30 August 21 September 1998, "Dynamical Systems and Kolmogorov"s Turbulence" and "Simultaneous Diophantine approximations"
Invited talk, Mini-symposium on "Dynamical Systems", Helsinki, December 1998, "Random forced Burgers equation"
Professor R J Knops Seminar, University of Oxford, January 1998, "Uniqueness in nonlinear elasticity"
Seminar, University of Pisa, October 1998, "Saint-Venant"s principle: the search of an engineering conjecture for mathematical verification"
Conference talk, British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Brunel University, 6-9 April 1998, "Spatial stability in a partially constrained elastic plate"
Conference talk, Symposium "Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics", Nice, 25-29 May 1998, "Uniqueness in the traction boundary value problem of nonlinear elasticity"
Invited talk, Symposium on "Mechanics of Materials", Oberwolfach, August 1998, "Spatial behaviour in continua"
Invited talk "2nd International Symposium, Problemi Attuali dell"Analise e della Fisica Matematica, Taormina, 15-17 October 1998, "Aspects of spatial stability in elasticity"
Professor S Kuksin Seminar, "North British Probability Seminar", January 1998, "Stochastic NLS equation"
Seminar, University of Cambridge, February 1998, "Turbulence in nonlinear PDEs" Seminars, University Paris VI, 6 and 8 April 1998, "KAM theory for partial differential equations"
Series of 3 talks in the Series "Seminars on Problem of Turbulence", Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities, April and May 1998, "Theory of turbulence"
Seminar, Imperial College, June 1998, "Turbulence in nonlinear PDEs"
Seminar, University of Liverpool, October 1998, "How to count solutions of a nonlinear PDE in a manifold"
Seminar, University of Oxford, November 1998, "Turbulence in nonlinear PDEs"
Seminar, University of Surrey, November 1998  "Turbulence in nonlinear Schrödinger equation"
Seminar, University of Bath, December 1998, "Elliptic equations for maps solved in manifolds"
Seminar, University of Edinburgh, December 1998, "Lefschets formula from PDEs in manifolds"
Invited talk, Conference in honour of Professor Novikov"s 60th birthday, Moscow, 25-29 May 1998, "On persistence of finite-gap solutions"
Invited talks, CIME Conference " Dynamical Systems and Small Divisors", Cetraro, Italy, 13-20 June, 1998, 3 lectures "KAM theory for partial differential equations"
Invited talk, International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, 17-28 August 1998, "Elements of a qualitative theory of Hamiltonian PDEs"
Professor A A Lacey Seminar, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, September 1998, "A nonlocal hyperbolic problem modelling food sterilization"
Seminar, Universidade de Beira Interior, Covilha, September 1998, "Persistence of corners in free boundaries in Hele-Shaw flow"
Seminar, Centro de Matematica e aplicacoes Fundamentais, Universidade de Lisboa, September 1998, "A nonlocal hyperbolic problem modelling food sterilization"
Invited talk, British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Brunel University, 6-9 April, 1998, "Use of complex-variable theory in oil-reservoir testing"
Dr J L Marin Seminar, University of Arizona, October 1998, "Moving breathers in 2D Hamiltonian lattices"
Seminar, Centre for Non-Linear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, October 1998, "Moving breathers in 2D Hamiltonian lattices"
Talk, CECAM Conference "Nonlinear Localized Excitations in Condensed Matter and Molecular Physics", Lyon, 7 July 1998, "Moving breathers in 2D: the mica problem"
Professor O Penrose Seminar, Rutgers University, Mathematics Department, March 1998, "Asymptotic behaviour of a simplified Becker-Döring equation"
Seminar, Rutgers University, Physics Department, April 1998, "Does off-diagonal long-range order help to explain superconductivity?"
Seminar, University of Leoben, Austria, June 1998, "Diffusion-induced grain boundary motion"
Dr A R Prince Invited talk, Combinatorics "98 Conference, Palermo, 14-20 June, 1998, "Covering sets of spreads in PG(3,q)"
Dr B P Rynne Seminar, Dundee University, April 1998, "Oscillating global continua of positive solutions of semilinear elliptic problems"
Seminar, joint Strathclyde/Glasgow Universities Analysis Seminar, November 1998, "The Fucik spectrum: what is it and what does it look like?"
Professor J A Sherratt Seminar, Strathclyde University, January 1998, "Mathematical modelling in cancer"
Seminar, University of Glasgow, May 1998, "Mathematical modelling of tumour invasion"
Seminar, University of St Andrews, November 1998, "Invasive wave fronts and spatiotemporal oscillations in predator-prey systems"
Colloquium, University of Edinburgh, November 1998, "Can mathematics help to cure cancer"
Seminar, Glasgow Caledonian University, November 1998, "Can mathematics help to cure cancer"
Invited talk, Conference on "The Mathematical Biology of Patterns and Processes", Bath, 5-9 April 1998, "Discrete mathematical models for cell populations"
Invited talk, Gordon Conference on "Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics", Tilton, New Hampshire, USA, 7-12 June 1998, "Mathematical modelling of scar tissue structure"
Invited talk, Workshop on "Pattern Formation and Morphogenesis: the Basic Process" (part of the IMA program on Mathematical Biology), Minnesota, 7-12 September 1998, "Signal range and spatial patterns in juxtacrine signalling"
Invited talk, Conference on "On Growth and Form" (a meeting to commemorate the work of D"Arcy Thompson), Dundee, 20-24 September 1998, "Pattern formation in cancer"
Dr R A Weston Conference talk, "2nd Informal UK meeting on 2D  Integrable Models, conformal Field Theory and Related Topics, Durham,  April 1998", "Vertex models with alternating spins"
Conference talk, Second Annual European TMR Conference on "Integrability, Non-perturbative Effects and symmetry in Quantum Field Theory, Durham, September 1998, "Mixing of ground states in vertex models"
Lecture series, Heriot-Watt University, January and February 1998, 5 lectures "The algebraic analysis of solvable lattice models"
Seminar, University of Edinburgh, Department of Physics, June 1998, "Correlation functions in solvable lattice models"
Seminar, Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt Algebra seminar, December 1998, "Crystals, paths and walls: vertex models and crystal bases"
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Professor C E Beevers External examiner (BSc),  University of Sunderland
Vice-Chairman MATHWISE Executive Committee 
Member of SUMSMAN Committee
Professor K J Brown  Executive Editor of Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Professor J Carr External Examiner (BSc), University of Aberdeen 
External Examiner (BSc), University of Glasgow
Chairman, Programme Management Committee ICIAM 99
Dr D B Duncan External examiner (PhD), University of Dundee
External examiner (PhD), Strathclyde University
Member, Centenary Fund Committee, Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Chair, North British Differential Equations Seminar
Professor J C Eilbeck External examiner (BSc), University of Dundee
External Examiner (DSc), University of Dijon
Member of Council, Royal Society of Edinburgh
Dr N D Gilbert Member of EPSRC Research Fellowship Panel
External examiner (PhD), University of St Andrews
Professor J Howie External examiner (PhD), Queen Mary and Westfield College
External examiner (BSc), York University
Member of EPSRC Mathematics College
Member of Mathematics Sectional Panel of Royal Society of Edinburgh
Vice-President, Edinburgh Mathematical Society
Member of Executive Committee of International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Algebra and Computation
Dr D A Johnston Mathematical Challenge organiser for Edinburgh and Borders regions
Mathematics masterclass for secondary school pupils on "The Game of Life", October 1998
External examiner (PhD), University of Oxford
Dr K Khanin Member of Editorial Board of  the journal Dynamics and Stability of Systems 
Member of Advisory Board of the journal Chaos 
Professor R J Knops Convener of Executive Committee of International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Member of Board of Directors of ICIAM 99 Ltd
Member of Local Organising Group for ICIAM 99
Member of Editorial Board of Meccania
Vice-President, International Society for the Interaction of Mathematics and Mechanics (ISIMM)
Convener of Editorial Board for ISIMM
Professor A A Lacey External examiner (BSc),  Strathclyde University
Dr M Levitin Member of  Programme Management Committee, ICIAM 99
Dr G R McGuire External examiner (BSc), University of Glasgow
Dr L E Nicholas Member of IMA Scottish Committee
Professor O Penrose Member of the Editorial Board of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Proceedings A
Dr A R Prince External examiner (BSc), University of Stirling
Professor J A Sherratt Member of EPSRC Mathematics College and Research Grant Panel
Member of Wellcome Trust Research Grant Panel
Associate Editor of the IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Medicine and Biology
Associate Editor of the Journal of Theoretical Medicine
External examiner (PhD), University of Bath
External examiner (DSc), University of Technology, Sydney
Dr R A Weston Member of EPSRC Mathematics College
External examiner (PhD), University of Durham
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£80000 University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, awarded to Professor C E Beevers and the CALM group for the development of computer examinations
£61423 EPSRC, awarded to Professor J C Eilbeck, Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowship for Dr J M Speight, 1.3.98 28.2.01
£38829 EPSRC, awarded to Dr K Khanin, research into "Random Lagrangian Systems and Burgers Equation"
£34246 EPSRC, awarded to Professor R J Knops, administrative support for ICMS 
£32380 BBSRC, awarded to Professor J A Sherratt, Earmarked postgraduate studentship:  "Mathematical modelling of the spatiotemporal dynamics of cell signalling in the epidermis"
£25000 London Mathematical Society, awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£24000 EPSRC, awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£21360 Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellowship awarded to Dr D A Johnston
£20000 EPSRC, awarded to Professor J Carr for workshop "Hamiltonian Mechanics and Small Divisors in PDEs", June 1999
£19182 EPSRC, awarded to Professor R J Knops, administrative support for ICMS
£15000 Napier University, awarded to Professor C E Beevers and the CALM group to develop software for formal and informal student assessment 
£8000 EPSRC, awarded to Professor J A Sherratt, support for scientific meeting, February July 1999, "From single cells to continua: micro-scale to macro-scale modelling"
£5344 Leverhulme Trust, Research Fellowship awarded to Dr D A Johnston
£5000 Scottish Widows, awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£3125 EOARD awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£2250 British Council, ARC joint research grant awarded to Dr D A Johnston and Dr W Janke, Leipzig University
£2000 British Council, JRP joint research grant awarded to Dr D A Johnston and Drs P Bialas and Z Burda, Jagellonian University, Krakow
£2000 Bank of Scotland, awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£2000 Jaguar, awarded to Professor R J Knops, support for ICIAM 99
£1500 Edinburgh Mathematical Society, support for ICIAM 99
£1000 EMS Centenary Fund, support for ICMS meeting on Algebraic Geometry the "Baker" meeting, 19-22 September, 1998
£915 London Mathematical Society, support for Scottish Algebra day, 1 May 1998, awarded to Professor J Howie
£800 The Royal Society of Edinburgh, awarded to Professor J Carr, support for Primary Mathematics Masterclasses
£645 British Council travel grant awarded to Dr D A Johnston to visit Professor J Smit, University of Amsterdam
£580 British Council travel grant awarded to Dr D A Johnston to visit Dr R Loll, Albert Einstein, Institute, Potsdam, Germany
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Yaroslav Zolotaryuk (PhD) "Nonlinear dynamics of molecular and atomic chains"

MSc in Mathematics of Nonlinear Models - joint with the University of Edinburgh
Soren Bartels "Electromagnetic scattering"
Jennifer Hutchinson "A Comparison of various algorithms for solving semi-infinite linear-programming problems"
Daniel Jefferson "A numerical investigation of turbulence"
Russell Lee "An Autocatalator Model"
Toby Marthews "An investigation into the effects of nonlinear filtering on some simple weather-prediction models"
Helen Wearing "Mathematical modelling of juxtacrine patterning"
Stephen Paul Womble "An Accelerating Soliton-Like Solution of a Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation"
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Afrouzi G A, Brown K J On a diffusive logistic equation
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Details of publications available on http://www.ma.hw.ac.uk/maths/deptreps/
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Afrouzi G A, Brown K J Positive solutions for a semilinear elliptic problem with sign-changing nonlinearity
Afrouzi G A, Brown K J Unbounded principal eigenfunctions for problems on all of Rn
Agranovich M S, Amosov B A, Levitin M Spectral problems for the lame system with spectral parameter in  boundary conditions on smooth or non-smooth boundary
Baig M, Clua J, Johnston D A, Villanova R Finite size analysis of the 3D Gonihedric Ising model with kappa=0
Baillie C, Johnston D A, Marinari E, Naitza C Spin glass dynamics on thin graphs
Sakharov centenary conference
Beevers C E, Dorner J MathWise Basic Algebra Assessment
Published by NAG
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Proc 10th Annual International Conference on Technology and Collegiate Mathematics, Chicago, USA
Beevers C E, Youngson M A, McGuire G R, Wild D G, Fiddes D Issues of partial credit in mathematical assessment by computer
Bialas P, Burda Z, Johnston D A Phase diagram of the mean field model of simplicial gravity
Bogley W A, Gilbert N D, Howie J Cockcroft properties of Thompson's group
Booth D, Pountney D, Brakes W, Challis N, Gretton H, Hamson M, Nicholas L E, Taylor I Good practice in continuous assessment
UMTC97 Report 4, Conference Proceedings
Brown K J Curves of solutions through points of neutral stability
Carr J, Dunwell R M Asymptotic behaviour of solutions to the Becker-Döring equations
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Carr J, McLeod J B Solitary Waves on Lattices
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