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For several years the Universities of Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh have been running Masterclasses for the brightest mathematics school students in Lothian Region. The pupils, aged about 13, spend 2 1/2 hrs each Saturday studying recent developments in Mathematics. The Masterclass programme for 2001 is as follows. Some of these classes involve using purpose-built interactive computer programs to illustrate, for example, pattern evolution in the Game of Life and the construction of fractal curves. We are now beginning to assemble this material in a downloadable form to make it available to a wider audience.

Before you download any of the programs, please take a few moments to fill in a simple registration form so that we can keep you updated when new versions of the programs become available. At the moment we have the following files/programs available:

We are grateful for any comments or suggestions -- please email Nick Gilbert at the address below. Let us know of any bugs in the programs, suggestions for enhancements, other useful links, new material, etc.

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