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Management Group

Roles and responsibilities

Main Role Holders and their Shadows.
*Note temporary arrangements for January-July 2017 in the second table below.
DirectorTony Carbery, UoE Deputy DirectorDugald Duncan, HW
Student Rep Y2-4TBC
Student Rep Y1TBC
CohortKevin Painter, HW
Istvan Gyongy, UoE
Academic TrainingJim Wright, UoE
Heiko Gimperlein, HW
CommunicationsBen Goddard, UoE
Michael Dreher, HW
IndustryGabriel Lord, HW
Sjoerd de Ridder, UoE
Generic SkillsLyonell Boulton, HW
Kostas Zygalakis, UoE
EventsDavid Siska, UoE
Seva Shneer, HW
AdmissionsMichela Ottobre, HW and
Adri Olde Daalhuis, UoE
International RelationsMichal Branicki, UoE

Temporary Roles from January to July 2017
Acting DirectorDugald Duncan, HW
Acting Deputy DirectorJim Wright, UoE
Acting Academic TrainingHeiko Gimperlein, HW
Hiro Oh, UoE

D B Duncan