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DIMACS/ECDC workshop:

`Spatio-temporal and Network Modelling of Diseases III'

Tubingen 21-25 October 2008

Information for participants

The meeting venue - except for Friday - is the Johann-Baptist-Hirscherhaus in Rottenburg-am-Neckar, about 10 kilometres from Tubingen. The venue is about 5 minutes' walk from the station (for address, see below).


If we have offered support, please read the "Funding" section below.

For local travel, the german rail site has an english language version on which it is easy to find train times; tickets can also be booked online (for most trains, reservations are not necessary, and you can simply buy your ticket at a station ticket office before travelling).

The nearest major airport is Stuttgart, a little over an hour away by train. For many, Frankfurt is a good choice: it has many international flights, and a main-line rail station ("Frankfurt Fernbahnhof") at (under) the airport; trains take a little over 2 hours from Frankfurt to Rottenburg.


We have arranged accommodation at the Hirscherhaus itself, or one of two local hotels, each within about 5 minutes walk:

Johann-Baptist-Hirscherhaus, Karmeliterstrasse 9 (entrance in Kasernengasse).

Hotel Martinshof, Eugen-Bolz-Platz 5.

Wurttemberger Hof, Tubinger Strasse 14.

You should be able to locate all these fairly easily, for example on multimap: search for Rottenburg, Germany. The railway and station should be clear. Karmeliterstrasse and Kasernengasse are slightly west of north just across the river; Eugen-Bolz-Platz is further in the same direction, and Tubinger Strasse is east of the station; all are within 10 minutes' walk.

Please note that the proceedings on Friday will take place in Tubingen, and some participants will need to move to accommodation in Tubingen for the Friday night. We shall make all the arrangements for this, including local travel as needed - more details will follow.


We hope we have been able to offer some funding to all who need it, from either DIMACS or ECDC funds, both of which we gratefully acknowledge: all recipients, please read the notes below.

DIMACS funding

If you have been offered support from DIMACS funds (sums in US$), you will need to pay for your costs and then claim reimbursement. Forms will be available at the meeting; please remember to keep all relative receipts. In case your support from DIMACS includes travel, please note that they have restrictions requiring the use of US carriers where possible (if in any doubt, contact us).

ECDC funding

If you have been offered support from ECDC funds (sums in euros), we would prefer to buy your tickets ourselves, if you have not already got them; Martin Eichner can put you in touch with our (Tubingen) travel agency. Similarly, we can pay for your accommodation, except for the VAT element (approximately 17%), which you may have to pay yourself, because of European funding rules for which we can only apologise.

If you have paid for your tickets, please bring receipts so as to be able to reclaim the cost while at the workshop.

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