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Infectious Disease Dynamics

Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, 19 Aug - 13 Sep 2013

Organisers: Hans Heesterbeek (Utrecht), Chris Dye (WHO), John Edmunds (LSHTM), Julia Gog (Cambridge),
Bryan Grenfell (Princeton), Valerie Isham (UCL), Denis Mollison (Heriot-Watt)

Workshop group photo

The four-week programme will:

take stock of progress in the last twenty years, following on from the original Newton meeting; to assess where we are today and provide a synthesis

take a systematic look at the use of models to inform public health decisions, and to analyse where and why models fail in their predictions

set the agenda for future research and in particular determine the main challenges, both in understanding & public health needs and in methodology

foster collaboration and a new generation of young talented researchers with the aim of starting to address some of the challenges identified above, through a programme of concrete research activities

Participants Programme Talks Photos Epidemics home page

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