Mariefred Epidemics Workshop 2003

Tom Britton (Mathematics, Stockholm)
Johan Giesecke (SIDC,Stockholm)
Anders Martin-Löf (Mathematics, Stockholm)
Juni Palmgren (Mathematics, Stockholm)
Gianpaolo Scalia-Tomba (Mathematics, Rome)
Åke Svensson (Act Stats, Stockholm)

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This workshop (full title `The Spread of Infectious Diseases: Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis') was held at the Roda Korsets ide och utbildningscenter, Mariefred, near Stockholm, from Sunday 24th August to Friday 29th August 2003.

Working groups

  1. SARS

  2. Contact structures

  3. Model selection and Bayesian inference

  4. Vaccination issues

  5. Endemicity

Maintained by Denis Mollison

9th September 2003