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Edinburgh 14-18 May 2007

`Spatio-temporal and Network Modelling of Diseases'


Monday 14th May

Denis Mollison   Small worlds and giant epidemics: an overview of s-t and network models

Mark Handcock   "Statistical modelling of networks"
Martina Morris   "Application of network methods to infectious disease modelling"

buffet lunch at ICMS

14.00-15.00 & 15.30-16.30
everyone   An `introductions' session, with each participant given 3 minutes to outline their interests

Tom Britton   Networks, epidemics and vaccination: a review

19.30 Dinner : Henderson's

Tuesday 15th May

Chris Gilligan "Parameter estimation for spatio-temporal models of botanical epidemics"
Phil O'Neill   Statistical inference for spatial and structured population epidemic models

Frank Ball   From individuals to populations with time for discussion
Contributions are invited from Nina Fefferman (**), Peter Dodd, and others (*)

"Approaches to modelling structured and spatio-temporal data"
A session of short (5-10 minute) talks, focussing on basic approaches to modelling and analysis rather than results obtained. Contributions are invited from Glenn Marion, Damian Clancy, Luca Giuggioli, Theodore Kypraios, Alex Cook and others (*)

16.00 Walk to and round Edinburgh Botanic Gardens (refreshments available at Terrace Cafe there)

19.30 Conference dinner 1 : Nargile Turkish Restaurant

Wednesday 16th May

"R_0 for networks and other structured populations"
Contributions are invited from Rowland Kao (**), Mick Roberts (**), Pete Neal, Gian-Paolo Scalia-Tomba and others (*)

"Random graphs - static and dynamic"
Pieter Trapman (**), Christian Steglich, Markus Schwehm, Ng Kah Loon (*)

14.00 Excursion: alternatives include National Galleries, and the Scottish Parliament

15.30-17.15 "From individuals to populations" II

Thursday 17th May

"Strategies for looking for patterns in spatio-temporal data"
Derek Cummings, Lisa Sattenspiel, Katie Hampson,
Stephen Riley   Spatial networks of individuals, households and workplaces
and others (*)

"Inferring transmission networks from incomplete data"
Martina Morris, Katie Hampson (**)

"Disease challenges of the 21st century"
Tommi Asikainen, Mark Woolhouse, Neil Ferguson (**)

19.30 Conference dinner 2: Howies, Waterloo Place

Friday 18th May

Discussions and working sessions

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