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Weierstrass functions for the Hyperbolic (2,5) curve

This page (currently under construction) is intended to contain a repository of results referring to Weierstrass theory for the general hyperelliptic curve of genus 2

y2 + (μ1x2 + μ3) y = x5 + μ2x44x3 + μ6x2 + μ8x + μ10

This file contains all the relations satisfied by the 4-index Pijkl functions, the bilinear relations satisfied by the 2- and 3-index Pij, Pijk functions, and all the quadratic relations satisfied by the 3-index Pijk functions. These are written in Maple format in an obvious notation.

The following file contains the terms of the expansion of the σ function up to terms of Sato weight 15: Ci.txt .

Maintained by Chris Eilbeck, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh J.C.Eilbeck@hw.ac.uk and Matthew England, University of Glasgow