LOCNET: Localisation by Nonlinearity and Spatial Discreteness, and Energy Transfer, in Crystals, Biomolecules and Josephson Arrays

A European Commission Research Training Network, HPRN-CT-1999-00163, 1 March 2000 - 29 February 2004.
The EC database for the network is accessed by entering contract number 00163 in the Search box.

The Proposal and the Work Programme are available in postscript.

The Tasks and task coordinators

Main Results

Publications of the project.

Network Meetings

Positions Available

Applications are sought by the nodes of the network for EC postdocs for part or all of the months indicated in the table below (predoc in the case of Erlangen). Standard EC eligibility criteria apply to these EC "young researcher" positions. Eligible and interested candidates are invited to email the contact person at the node(s) which interest them most for further information.

The network nodes will also be pleased to host qualified applicants for EC Marie Curie Individual Fellowships: contact the host below that you consider most appropriate for you.

Also, summer placements in LOCNET labs for students from the USA were available in 2002, e-mail Al Sievers.

The table also indicates other positions available connected with the network, which are not subject to the same restrictions.
node # months e-mail On-line application AppointeesOther positions
Warwick, UK 35 R.S.MacKay Guillaume James, Anna Litvak-Hinenzon, Arno Berger, Jerome Dorignac EC Doctoral Training Site in Dynamical Systems, Other funding Opportunities
Heriot-Watt, UK 15 J.C.Eilbeck particulars Jerome Dorignac
Saclay, FR 22 S.Aubry Panagiotis Maniadis
Lyon, FR 20 M.Peyrard Anna Spanoudaki
Erlangen, DE 36 predoc A.Ustinov Francesca Pignatelli
Dresden, DE 8 S.Flach Abdelhadi Benabdallah
Zaragoza, ES 16 M.Floria particulars Matthias Meister
Barcelona, ES 12 J.M.Sancho Ioana Carla Bena
Madrid, ES 12 L.Vazquez Matthias Meister
Lyngby, DK 35 P.Christiansen Yaroslav Zolotaryuk, C Gorria Corres
Heraklion, GR 28 G.Tsironis James Stirling, J-C Comte
Athens, GR 10 N.Theodorakopoulos particulars Jerome Benoit
Firenze, IT 58 R.Livi particularsTomas Lazaro, Michael Kastner, Oliver Rudzick
Thiais, FR 14 F.Fillaux Marcus Neumann
Montpellier, FR 8 M.Barthes Aasmund Vik
Cambridge, UK P.Littlewood
Sevilla, ES J.F.R.Archilla
Nice, FR J-A.Sepulchre
Salerno, IT M.Salerno
Milano, IT D.Bambusi
Berlin, DE D.Hennig

Last updated on 28 February 2001. Comments to R.S.MacKay